JNTUK B.tech 1-2 sem (R13,R10) supplyTime tables December 2016 JNTUK FAST UPDATES.As per the Jntu kakinada academic calender JNTUK B.tech/B.pharmacy 1-2 sem examination for R16 regulation are conductsfrom 2 dec 2016 onwards.These examinations time tables  for all branches like ECE,CSE,EEE,MECH,CIVIL links are provided below.

JNTUK B.tech 1-2 (R13,R10) supply Time tables Dec 2016

Note:This is Not Official Website.In this we provide the Results,Time tables,Notifications gathering from the official site www.jntuk.edu.in and private sites like www.jntufastupdates.com,manabdi.com and we are not responsible for any wrong information.to download official Notification visit www.jntuk.edu.in

You can download the JNTUK B.tech 1-2 sem (R13,R10) supplyTime tables December 2016  time tablesfrom the links that we have provided..

As we mentioned above that JNTU Kakinada Has Announced the JNTUK 1-2 Semester (R13) semster Examinations Time Tables november 2016 and these sem Examinations Are Going To Be Held From  12-2016 onwards. Students Those Who Are Looking For the JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Semester (R16,R13) sem time tables December 2016 For EEE ,Civil, Mechanical, ECE, CSE & IT Branches Can Download time tables tt From The Links we provided.
JNTUK B.tech 1-2 sem (R13,R10) supply Time tables December 2016
JNTUK B.tech 1-2 sem (R13,R10) supply Time tables December 2016

JNTUK Kakinada Conducts Mid Examinations Every Year.Each year contains two semsters. JNTUK Conducts two Mid Internal Examinations for each semster.Each mid exam having 30 marks and remaining 70 marks are external exams.

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Therfore each subject has been conducted for 100 Marks(70+30).In this the external examinations are conducted at the end of the semster and the internal exams are conducted two times in a semster .In this 30 marks only 10 marks for online bits and 15 marks for theory and remaining 5 marks for assignments.The online examination has 20 bits each bit carry 1/2 mark total 20 bits 10 marks.


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In JNTUK students have the advantage in the mid examination.They have the best of one option,so they have an option to take best mid marks as subject wise.In this we provide latest JNTUK,JNTUH,JNTUA Universities

Results,Notifications,Time Tables,Latest Updates,Previous Question Papers,online mid bits...etc.

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